HP: The TouchPad isn't meant to take down the iPad

While other tablet manufacturers have positioned their products as the the devices that will defeat Apple's iPad, HP says it is going a different route with the TouchPad.

HP's TouchPad may have had a lot of promise, but reception to the most recent iPad competitor has so far been pretty subdued. In particular, most reviewers haven't been able to answer the question of whether they could recommend the TouchPad over the iPad.

That question, HP says, is missing the point. According to HP vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations Richard Kerris, HP' approach with the TouchPad is more than just the tablet. “It’s about the OS, the ecosystem and connecting devices like phones, printers, tablets and computers together," Kerris told The Loop.

Kerris said that HP's real mission was to target the enterprise space, not just the consumer sphere. That's a very different approach from other tablet competitors, who have across the board positioned their tablets as the devices that will dethrone the iPad. That, of course, hasn't happened. It's refreshing to see HP take a different approach to the tablet market.

[The Loop]

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