HP TouchPad already catching Android tablets in ad revenue

The HP TouchPad in ten days is generating almost as much ad revenue as all of the Android tablets combined.

Update: The HP TouchPad is the little engine that could, except it got shut down. The online frenzy about the dead tablet has been amazing to watch, as the special $99 price HP put on the TouchPad made it the tablet to own. While there is no question that HP has sold thousands of TouchPads at the ridiculous close-out pricing, it seems that one unexpected result of all these HP tablets hitting consumer's hands is that it is making money for companies (not HP).

Mobile ad agency Jumptap just sent me a chart that is mind-blowing as it shows that in just ten days the HP TouchPad has almost caught all Android tablets in ad revenue generated on their network. While the iPad is still the king of the ad revenue generating tablet crowd, the beleaguered HP TouchPad is almost within a single percentage point in generating as much ad revenue as all of those Android tablets out there.

Updated: Jumptap had specifically mentioned sales to me prior to publication but have pointed out this chart is traffic, or ad impressions.

Does this mean HP TouchPad owners are more likely to click on ads than their Android brethren? Maybe. Or perhaps the new TouchPad owners are feeling a bit more adventurous having snagged a good tablet for a hundred bucks. Whatever is behind these numbers it does make one believe that producing an ad-subsidized tablet (think Amazon) might be a viable business model.

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