HP TouchPad: Everything you want to know

Tips and tricks, apps and accessories: Here's everything new Touchpad owners need in one place.

It is hard to believe the HP TouchPad has only been around for a few weeks given the checkered past it has already lived. It went from also-ran to the top seller on Amazon in days, and according to some estimates has sold hundreds of thousands of units in the last week. Based on the correspondence I am receiving from new TouchPad owners I believe those figures may be accurate.

Many of these new TouchPad owners are craving for information about their new tablet, and many questions I am spending hours each day answering are in fact answered in articles I wrote before the bizarre scenario played out. It seems like a good idea to gather all of my articles about the HP TouchPad together in one place for easy reference.

One reason that early reviews of the TouchPad routinely panned the device for poor performance out of the box was due to the way webOS handles the initial Synergy syncing. Synergy brings together all of the user's social networks, email and contacts from all over the web so the TouchPad can do useful things with them. Unfortunately, this initial syncing in the background can take a day or two if enough accounts are configured, and there is nothing that can be done about the performance hits while the syncing is taking place. Once the syncing completes the performance becomes pretty good, so let it happen and expect possible lagginess in execution for the first day or so. Things get much better after that.

Tips and tricks and general coverage for the HP TouchPad

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Good apps for the HP TouchPad

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Accessories for the HP TouchPad

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