HP TouchPad gets Office doc editing with Quickoffice HD update

Quickoffice HD has been updated for the HP TouchPad gaining document editing and creation, turning the tablet into a full work system at last.

The HP TouchPad shipped with Quickoffice HD for viewing Microsoft Office documents, with a promised future update that would enable editing/creating of Word and Excel documents. That update (standard software update) finally hit today and I have been testing the new capbilities.

I am happy to report that editing and creating documents and spreadsheets work well, and viewing Powerpoint presentations still works nicely. According to the HP Palm developers blog the update brings performance and multitasking enhancements too, and I can verify that.

I have worked with five documents open at once and Quickoffice HD handled it with ease. This may be the easiest way to copy/paste information between documents on any platform given the card system in webOS.

Quickoffice HD can work with a number of user cloud storage accounts: box.net, Dropbox, MobileMe, and Google Docs. I have mine configured to work with both Google Docs and the free 50GB box.net account so all of my information is accessible at all times. It is a powerful work system.

This ability to work on business documents gives the HP TouchPad a much-needed feature-set for the professional crowd. It's a shame that HP has cancelled what I believe is the best tablet for the enterprise crowd. Maybe someone will snap up the business from HP, perhaps even Samsung.