HP TouchPads earning eBay sellers around 150 percent more than fire sale prices

eBay sellers are making a killing by flipping HP TouchPads right now, and if any are left in your area at HP's fire sale price points, you could be one of them!

Just a short week after HP threw in the towel with the tablet market, the craze over their rock-bottom-priced 16GB and 32GB TouchPads ($99 and $149, respectively) is causing significant profit gains to the tune of almost 150% for sellers who are flipping them on eBay. It seems people just want one at this point and they’re willing to pay a middle-of-the-road price between retail and rock-bottom to get it. See the image below with just minutes left on auctions taking place today on eBay:

HP TouchPads on eBay

HP TouchPads on eBay

Here in Charlotte, NC, I've called ~15 different stores today between various retailers (Best Buy, Target, Staples, etc.) who sell TouchPads and they're all sold out (no surprise there). As a matter of fact, the Best Buy right around the corner from my apartment even has a message before putting you through to an actual person that specifically notes their sold-out status of HP TouchPads. Living in a fairly large city, I imagine I would have to start searching major retail stores in rural areas to score one at HP's fire sale price at this point. As for Amazon, new HP TouchPads are currently priced right on par with what the respective models are selling for on eBay, so if you're just dying to get your hands on one and you're willing to pay what they're going for, you're almost just as well buying one from Amazon. Alternately, if you're looking to turn a quick buck, it may behoove you to get off your tuchus right now and check around your area to flesh out any TouchPads that may be left at the $99 and $149 price points. It doesn't matter which model you get your hands on since they're both yielding about the same ~150% increase in profit from eBay and Amazon. Once the craze is over, I'm sure that will be it, so capitalize on the trend while you can. With that said, I'm curious to see where the market will level-off once all TouchPads are liquidated from HP and major retailers at their $99 and $149 price points. To note, I'm sure some of these that are selling on eBay are doing so at a loss to certain sellers who acquired them at price points significantly higher than what they're currently going for. Undoubtedly, some are feeling as though they likely won't ever sell them for anything more than what they're currently going for, so they'd might as well get while the getting is as good as it's going to get. What do you think? Do you see a steady price decrease as the craze wears off, or do you think TouchPads will stay somewhere around the $250-$300 price range for the foreseeable future? Let us know in the comments below! -Stephen Chapman
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