HP touts SaaS app store to Asia's ISVs

In efforts to address enterprise needs for services ecosystem, Hewlett-Packard's AP4SaaS app store in Asia-Pacific will focus on three industry verticals--finance, digital media and government, reveal executives.

SINGAPORE--Hewlett-Packard is targeting to pull both independent software vendors (ISVs) and enterprise customers into its orbit by providing a "connected cloud" through an app store platform that touts software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings.

Kelly Tan, vice president and managing director at HP Singapore, said the app store--called AP4SaaS (aggregation platform for SaaS)--has been operating globally since June 2010 but is only being actively marketed in the Asia-Pacific region now.

The gap was to allow HP to ensure the platform was working properly, and that both ISVs and enterprise customers would be onboard with the vendor's "connected cloud" vision, Tan said during a media briefing here Friday.

The AP4SaaS platform sits as a layer atop the vendor's standard infrastructure platforms based on its ProLiant BladeSystem and Intel Xeon processors.

Tan said plans for AP4SaaS originated from the work the company had done with telco partners a couple of years back. "We had the technology on-hand to create this app distribution platform and it was just a matter of putting things together," she said.

In particular, the executive pointed to three industry verticals--government, finance and digital media--the company focused on as a "starting point" to get the platform going in the Asia-Pacific. But, it is now already looking to push the app store to other verticals, she said.

Tan explained that by pulling in its existing customer base to adopt the platform, this will in turn appeal to their partner ISVs and help populate the apps marketplace.

HP recently unveiled a slew of cloud-based offerings targeted at enterprises. Its Enterprise Cloud Services Compute, for instance, is touted to allow companies to automate the deployment process of private, or on-premise cloud systems, according to an earlier report.

Another product, HP CloudSystem, combines datacenter technologies with the vendor's cloud service automation software to deliver unified security, governance and compliance across applications and various cloud environments, noted Damien Wong, general manager of software for HP Southeast Asia, who was also at the media briefing.

According to Tan, these cloud products continue to illustrate the company's wider "Instant-On Enterprise" strategy.