HP unveils $84M Singapore lab focused on digital manufacturing technologies

Launched together with Nanyang Technological University, where it is located, the HP-NTU Corporate Innovation Lab will focus on 3D printing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cybersecurity.

HP Inc has partnered Singapore's Nanyang Technological University (NTU) to launch a research facility that focuses on digital manufacturing technologies and 3D printing.

Opened with a US$84 million investment, the new HP-NTU Corporate Innovation Lab is the US vendor's largest university research partnership worldwide and first for the Asian region, it said in a statement Tuesday.

Singapore aims to build up AI skills for digital economy Singapore aims to build up AI skills for digital economy Country's government has introduced initiatives to train 12,000 people in artificial intelligence skillsets, including industry professionals and secondary school students.

The facility is supported by a team of 100 researchers and staff, and will focus its efforts on digital manufacturing technologies, specifically, in 3D printing, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, new materials and applications, cybersecurity, and customisation, HP said.

To start off, the lab would work on 15 projects to better understand, for instance, advanced polymers for manufacturing applications, the development of bioprinting models for the printing of viable tissues, and tapping AI to help printers predict and resolve issues autonomously.

NTU President Subra Suresh said: "NTU has established deep capabilities...in the areas of machine learning, data science, and additive manufacturing. These cutting-edge technologies are now an integral part of NTU's education and research ecosystem, and the NTU Smart Campus serves as a testbed for them."

HP CEO and President Dion Weisler noted that one of every three jobs worldwide and nearly one-third of carbon emissions were related to manufacturing. "We are committed to innovating with purpose, not only driving the technology breakthroughs that improve HP's business, but also contribute to creating economic opportunity and improving people's lives," Weisler said.

HP and NTU also would jointly develop curriculum on designing for additive manufacturing, encompassing areas such as data management security and user experience.

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