HP unveils latest mobile hardware

The company has launched a range of new mobile business products in Sydney, including laptops, an iPAQ and its first mobile thin client

HP launched a range of new mobile business products in Sydney on Thursday, including laptops, an iPAQ and the company's first mobile thin client.

The 6930p is the most expensive notebook in HP's 'elite' range, at AU$1,999.

The new laptop range is divided into three categories: standard, business and elite, with prices ranging between AU$1499 and AU$1999. The majority of the range will be available in late August, with HP releasing two budget business notebooks in late July.

Rob Kingston, HP group manager for commercial product marketing, said that in order to maximise choice, HP's complete range of notebooks were available with Windows XP Professional pre-installed and a Windows Vista Business licence.

The iPAQ 612 is HP's latest business smartphone.

In addition to the notebooks, HP will be releasing the iPAQ 612 Business Navigator, a HSDPA-capable smartphone with a 2.8-inch touchscreen display. The iPAQ 612 will retail for AU$799.

Also included in the new range is HP's first mobile thin client, the 2533t. Resembling a laptop with a 12.1-inch display, the new mobile thin client will include Windows XP embedded along with 1GB of Pata flash memory. The 2533t will retail for AU$999.