HPE updates Vertica, boosts machine learning features in Haven OnDemand

Vertica 8 introduces a unified architecture and new in-database analytics capabilities.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced Tuesday the latest release of its Vertica analytics software, as well as new machine learning capabilities for Haven OnDemand.

Vertica focuses on the analytics of structured information, such as data stored in rows and fields. As the latest iteration, Vertica 8, codenamed "Frontloader," introduces a unified architecture and new in-database analytics capabilities.

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HPE says Vertica 8 is designed to help businesses extract intelligence from data residing in multiple silos across the datacenter, including on-premise, private, and public clouds, and in Hadoop data lakes.

With Vertica's in-database machine learning algorithms, teams can natively create and deploy R based machine learning models directly in the software. Vertica 8 is also optimized for both AWS and Microsoft Azure Cloud deployment, and includes additional support for accessing data from Amazon S3.

HPE said it's also made improvements to the platform's data movement and orchestration capabilities to help users load data as much as 700 percent faster than before, across hundreds of thousands of columns.

In addition to the Vertica update, HPE announced Haven OnDemand Combinations, a new component to the Haven OnDemand cloud platform that provides advanced machine-learning APIs.

HPE touts OnDemand Combinations as the fastest way to add intelligence to apps. This is due to the platform's pre-built catalogue of cognitive services and a new a drag and drop interface. Developers also can link together multiple machine learning APIs and copy and paste the code directly into their development projects, HPE said.

"HPE Haven OnDemand Combinations enables developers to improve time to market and ROI for app development and IT modernization projects with rapid integration of cognitive services designed to accelerate development with fewer lines of code, reduced testing with reusable APIs, and improved app performance with fewer API calls and less latency," HPE said in a blog post. "Combinations is the fastest possible way to add intelligence to apps and increase ROI for your business. It's like plug-and-play machine learning for enterprise apps."

Both Vertica 8 and Haven OnDemand Combinations will be made generally available during HPE's fiscal fourth quarter.