HP/Palm release webOS update for TouchPad tablets

webOS update lives!

Thought your HP TouchPad was history and that you'd never see an other update for it? Wrong! HP Palm have released an over-the-air update for the beleaguered tablet.

There are a fair few new features in webOS 3.0.4 for you to play with:

  • A new Camera app for photos and video
  • The ability to pair non-webOS phones to your TouchPad, so you can answer calls on your TouchPad. Pairing with non-webOS Bluetooth keyboards has also been streamlined
  • Support for OGG Vorbis music files
  • Online/offline messaging status support

Also packages in the update are performance fixes, user interface tweaks, bug fixes for video calling with Skype and support for accelerometer events in Adobe Flash Player.

And you thought the TouchPad was dead! Go on, grab that update - I bet the download servers won't be as hammered as Apple's the other day with the launch of iOS 5 ;)