HP's TouchPad gets the demo treatment in new videos

As the July 1st release of the TouchPad draws near, HP is showing off some of the tablet's most important features, including Synergy, multitasking, and stacks.
Written by Ricardo Bilton, Contributor on

With HP prepping the TouchPad for its July 1st release, the latest iPad competitor is getting a lot of screen time.

In this latest set of videos, TouchPad product manger Jonathan Oakes showcases a great deal of the TouchPad's most compelling features. Synergy, one of Palm OS's biggest features, takes information from multiple sources and combes it. This allows the OS's mail app, for instance, to present email messages from multiple accounts at once - a tremendous boon for people who wrangle more than one email account on a daily basis.

Other videos show off the TouchPad's impressive multitasking and "just type" features, both of which make the experience of using a tablet a tad bit more tolerable.

Do any of these features make the TouchPad a must-buy for anyone?

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