HR Tech Briefing - Mercer - Bringing Data to HR Solutions

Mercer continues to expand beyond HR consulting and outsourcing. Their data driven solutions, one in the cloud, offer some powerful capabilities to help top HR execs get to the right decision faster.

Mercer is one of the largest HR consultancies around. They've also got a lot of data - data that comes from interactions with 8000 clients with over 20 million employees in over 100 countries. Mercer's forte has been serving larger enterprises with a fairly full suite of HR solutions. Some of the newer solutions, the data-rich ones, have been picking up decent client traction. And, these new apps point to new directions for Mercer's solution portfolio.

Last year, Mercer established  WIN - Workforce Intelligence Network. WIN is like a  giant info bank that taps into aggregated job, salary, best practice and other information from their impressive client base. WIN acts as a big data analysis tool.

In July of 2011, WIN was launched to 10,000+ HR pros. Next year, the company intends to add more third party data to the mix. They will add new functionality for expat management, too.

Mercer also has a new solution called ‘iknow'. Iknow is a cloud-based analytic tool. iknow gets information from all kinds of data sources within a customer's control(e.g., ERP, payroll software, HRIS products, etc.). The software can also tap into external sources of data, too.  iknow cloud services is then married  with their guidance applications (e.g., spans of control modeler, ILM mapping & projections, career mapping modeler, workforce planning, turnover risk calculator, retirement risk calculator and more) to provide a data-intensive set of HR applications that generally exceed the capabilities found in most HRIS products. In short, iknow is a data, analytic and planning solution set.

I've written about Mercer before and continue to track them as they really get the importance of data in delivering solutions. They know that businesses need information not just transaction processing applications.  In a recent call with a CFO, that executive summarized his biggest business need is to get the data he needs to get to a decision fast. Mercer, I believe, must be talking to other executives of a kindred spirit.

(This is another posting based on meetings I had at the recent HR Technology show in Las Vegas. There are several more to follow.)