HTC Flyer digital stylus to be sold separately, priced at $79

HTC is breaking hearts with the confirmation that the Flyer will not come bundled with its digital stylus. Those hearts will be further broken once customers discover that the stylus will sell for $79.

Bad news, potential HTC Flyer owners: HTC is finally giving confirmation of something that a lot of us expected all along. The flyer's digital pen, vaunted by HTC and received by journalists as one of the tablet's most significant features, won't be included alongside the Flyer upon it's release.

The confirmation comes via an HTC rep, who could not reveal to DroidLife what the stylus would be priced at.  Not a big deal, because enterprising Android fans had previously discovered on Best Buy's website that the Flyer's impressive companion would be sold for $79.99. No small change.

Clearly, the situation doesn't spell good news for the future of the Flyers's stylus-based input. The digital pen is intended to make the Flyer unique, separating HTC's tablet from its comparatively-simple, finger input-based competitors. Whether this will happen once consumers find out the stylus won't be a part of the Flyer's $500 price tag is, understandably, unlikely.