HTC Flyer tablet available for pre-order at some point today

A new Android tablet experience coming soon from HTC

Best Buy had previously announced that pre-sale for its Wi-Fi HTC Flyer would begin today. As of this writing, the HTC Flyer tablet page is still showing a "coming this spring", but I'm hopeful it will turn later today.

If you're not familiar with the HTC Flyer tablet, it's HTC's first tablet-only product and is powered by Android. The Flyer offers Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0, a rear 5MP and front 1.3MP camera, 7" touch screen (1024x600 TFT), and will even work with an optional digital pen.

I'm tempted to pre-order since I continue to be impressed with what HTC is capable of putting out there. The fact that the company is also supporting a specially designed pen makes me curious to see what other innovations may be coming shortly after the tablet ships.

Keep checking the HTC Flyer tablet page at Best Buy, if you're interested in pre-ordering it for $499.