HTC One M9 delayed in Taiwan over software

The delay puts off the M9 by a few days, but could be enough to ding HTC's sales in the first quarter.

HTC has delayed the launch of its HTC One M9 on its home turf due to a software upgrade.

The delay is only by a few days, but is likely to mean that any sales pop HTC would get is likely to land in the second quarter.

According to a report from Focus Taiwan, the delay was confirmed. Shipments from HTC will begin on March 20, four days later than expected. The 64GB version of the HTC One M9 will be delayed a few weeks. Here's a look at the M9.

It's unclear how the software tweak will impact the global launches.

In a research note, KGI analyst Richard Ko said:

HTC One M9 was originally scheduled to go on sale at retail channels on March 16 and at operators on March 23. However, due to software issues, the device will not be available at retail channels in Taiwan or at HTC's eStore until March 20. We believe the delay is related to the final tweaks of the M9's software, which could be bug fixes, performance improvements or the device's bootfailure. HTC has also confirmed that the mainstream 32GB model will be delayed for a few days and the 64GB variant for a few weeks. However, we believe HTC will probably fix the problems in time for the M9's release in Europe and North America.

Meanwhile, Dutch site Tweakers has reported that the HTC One M9 is overheating in benchmark tests. That report received some play on Monday.

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For HTC, the stakes are high. The HTC One M9 (CNET take) will launch just ahead of Samsung's Galaxy S6 (CNET hands on), which received an overhaul. The HTC One is largely unchanged from its previous version. When both Android flagships are launched expect a duel between HTC and Samsung.