HTC One V. Dead.

The original title was going to be HTC One V. Slick.

The original title was going to be HTC One V. Slick. But today my HTC One V mobile died a sudden death. So instead it is dead. V dead.

This is a shame, not only because I can't make phone calls, send texts or hook up my laptop to (intermittent) 'broad'band. But also because this was my first really positive mobile experience. The big screen, the responsive buttons, the overwhelming sense of Android Ice Cream Sandwich slickness, it all started to make sense.

The whole mobile experience became seamless.

No more installing third party text and calendar apps. Indeed, the only must-have app is Apps Organiser, which enables you to have folders of shortcuts on a desktop. My other apps add functionality, rather than make up for deficits in the core experience. They include 3G Watchdog to keep track of your bandwdith usage, Remember The Milk for mega todo list management, Go Contacts EX for swisherer contacts, and Instagram for wasting lots of time in a very pleasant manner.

The physical phone itself is also very slick: a comfortable size for a trouser pocket with a screen big enough for fat fingers, and a solid, brushed aluminium case finished with matt black tactile rubberishness. The phone feels, ironically, as though it will last.

On top of all that, the packaging is slickly divine in a lightweight, right-on moulded cardboard sort of a way. The kind of packaging that makes you go "Ooh, nice".

Nice packaging
Slick, minimal, recycledable packaging for the HTC One V

All this said, no amount of slickness will make up for any amount of deadness. The key feature of any product or service is that it works. Slick but dead is a bit of a bad start for HTC, and it looks like I'm not the only one.