HTC One X and EVO 4G LTE clear Customs, still no official Sprint launch date

The two latest HTC Android devices are now shipping through Customs and should be arriving at stores soon. Pre-orders arrived for Sprint customers, but an updated in-store launch date has not been announced.

A couple weeks ago, the major Sprint launch of the HTC EVO 4G LTE was held up due to enforcement of an injunction resulting from an Apple lawsuit. According to The Verge the HTC One X and HTC EVO 4G LTE have now been cleared by US customs and should be available for US customers soon. I know that pre-orders for the Sprint EVO 4G LTE were delivered as I refused shipment of mine because I just couldn't handle the slow data speeds with an unknown rollout of LTE in my area.

James covered the workaround that HTC took in regards to hyperlinks and the patent that Apple filed suit against. I actually saw these settings a while ago in the HTC One X so the devices really should not have been held up as they were in compliance from the beginning. We still do not have an official launch date for the HTC EVO 4G LTE from Sprint, but as I said pre-order customers are getting the devices now. (I just saw an update that Sprint will be selling the EVO 4G LTE this Saturday, 2 June.) You should be able to pick up the HTC One X at an AT&T store too as these were available for a while, but the restock was held up by Customs.

It's a shame that the devices were already modified by HTC, but were still held up since Sprint had spent quite a bit of money advertising the big pre-Memorial day launch of the HTC EVO 4G LTE and the delay may have ended up losing customers. Also, HTC and Sprint sent out free cases to those who pre-ordered the device and even though I refused shipment I received one too. I may be giving it away on Twitter soon if I can't figure out who to return it to at HTC.

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