HTC to reveal new 'fall hero' smartphone on October 20

HTC needs to show it remains competitive in the high end smartphone market and on October 20th we'll see if it has what it takes.

(Image: HTC)

Despite some great ideas and compelling design features, HTC dropped the ball on the camera on the HTC One M9 and all the other flagships passed HTC by in 2015.

HTC hopes to change that trend when it holds its October 20th fall hero launch event. Press won't be at the launch event, as HTC is only holding an online session to launch the new HTC product. You can follow the live stream at starting at 9 am Pacific/noon Eastern on the 20th.

The invitation image shows a bunch of obsedian rock with an outline of a phone in the center. Maybe it will be black in color with obsidian as the color label. I have no idea what to expect, but given the focus on the camera in the LG G4, Samsung Galaxy devices, and iPhone 6s, HTC better have an answer to these cameras if it hopes to compete at the high end.

There have been rumors of an HTC device that looks very similar to the iPhone 6. I'm fine with the HTC One M9 design, but want a better performing camera, longer battery life, and something that differentiates HTC from the rest.

Is there anything HTC can do to regain your confidence?