MWC 2015: HTC reveals the Grip; a wearable going beyond active to athletic

HTC's new Grip fitness band looks similar to the Nike+ Fuelband with integrated GPS. It will launch in the US for those who want more than a pedometer on their wrist.

HTC's new Connected Products Business unit launched the RE camera in October and the next product from this group comes to us in the form of a fitness device called the HTC Grip.

Some thought we would see a smartwatch from HTC, but that is just a minor function of the HTC Grip that is targeted towards the person who hits the road or the gym before or after the work day.

The HTC Grip was developed in partnership with Under Armour and the Under Armour name is found adjacent to the HTC name on the band. Expect to see the HTC Grip in sports stores this spring for $199.

The fitness wearable market is still in its early development and with a partner like Under Armour I think HTC has a real chance with the HTC Grip. It's closest competitor is the Microsoft Band and while the Microsoft Band has an integrated heart monitor the Grip is much more comfortable.

Stay tuned for our upcoming hands-on article and image gallery.