HTC Rhyme: Do accessories trump specs for women?

HTC announced the Rhyme Android smartphone with a sleek design and several accessories, but last generation specs and no LTE. Is there a market for such targeted phones?

HP rolled out the lame Veer 4G and it seems that consumers agreed with me that there was no market for Zoolander micro sized phones. Today HTC announced the HTC Rhyme that looks to be a typical Android device with last year's specs that is all about style and size as it focuses on the female customer. I haven't heard of any women in my group of family or friends complain about phone size so again I am not sure that specific models are needed with the huge variety we already have in the market. Then again, it does have an unique charm accessory that some might find helpful.

The folks at This Is My Next had a chance to get hands-on the Rhyme and think it is a decent device. It will be coming to Verizon in purple for $199.99 and includes the Docking Station, Tangle Free Headphones and Charm in the box. The Rhyme has a 3.7 inch super LCD display, 5 megapixel camera, 1 GHz CPU and Android 2.3. It looks similar to an HTC Droid Incredible 2 and I would think that device would appeal to women just like this device. Then again, the Rhyme comes with accessories.

The accessories include the Docking Station that charges the Rhyme and turns it into an alarm clock an music center with its integrated Bluetooth speaker. The Charm is a light-emitting cube that connects via the 3.5mm audio jack and lights up when you get a call or message. It is intended to dangle from your bag so you can get to the phone in your bag by following the cord. This seems like it may be useful, but is another accessory that I can see people forgetting quickly as they have to pull it out of the phone to take a call and it may end up getting tangled around all the other things in a purse or bag. It seems like a nice Bluetooth headset would be a better option here. The Tangle Free Headphones are not Beats Audio headphones and it seems the innovative approach would be to integrate the lit up cube with the headphones.

Other accessories that are not included in the box are the Sports Armband, Bluetooth Headset, and Bluetooth Car Speaker.

The iPhone 4 is a super sleek phone that appeals to men and women and if you don't want an iPhone then other options like the HTC Droid Incredible 2, HTC Trophy, Palm Pre 2, or Samsung Fascinate are all options with about the same size form factor. Is there such a market for devices like the HTC Rhyme? Chris Davies at SlashGear previously posted this article, Phones for Women: Is Verizon’s Bliss misogynistic or just lazy? and it details my same considerations in much more detail.