HTC rolls out Android Lollipop One M8; still fantastic after one year

HTC promised timely updates with its HTC Advantage program and stays true to its promises as the Lollipop update hits the street.

One of the promises of the HTC Advantage program was Android software updates for up to two years. HTC officials publicly stated it will try to deploy these updates within 90 days of release and HTC is doing everything it can to stick to the plan.

According to Mo at HTC the Lollipop update started last night. HTC rolled out updates for the M7 in 2013 so it is developing a solid track record. Most other manufacturers, except for Motorola, seem to prefer you purchase a new device instead of updating an existing one.

HTC One M8 Developer Edition and unlocked owners confirmed the update is indeed rolling out. Carrier variations will hopefully see the Lollipop update soon as well.

As you can see in the video below from Droid Life, HTC may have one of the best implementations of Lollipop with options for the end user to control the task switcher, HTC Sense layout quick controls, and volume controls that are not broken like they are on the Nexus 6 and other Lollipop-powered devices.

HTC is still running Sense 6.x on the M8, with rumors that Sense 7 will include Material Design.

I picked up the T-Mobile HTC One M8 when the new year started and have to say it remains one fantastic Android device, nearly a year after its release. There are plenty of excellent choices in the Android arena, but the more I use the M8 the more impressed I am by what HTC was able to do with it.

Like many others, I complained of the camera and still wish it had more depth and detail. The camera is great for social networking and quick photos though, and sleek camera software makes the photo experience enjoyable.

As a fan of the HTC Sense UI, I believe 2015 may be the year where an HTC device earns a permanent place in my pocket. Readers may recall that the I spent most all of 2013 with the HTC One M7 and labeled it my favorite smartphone ever.

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