HTC rolls out One M8 Lollipop update to Sprint and T-Mobile customers

HTC promised timely updates to the latest Android operating system and it continues to deliver.


HTC's One M8 is a year old Android smartphone. The update to the latest and greatest version of Android, Lollipop, was promised and HTC is now delivering on that promise.

HTC rolled out its Lollipop update to unlocked and developer edition One M8 devices last month and as expected, carrier variants take longer to get through carrier approval. Sprint and T-Mobile customers can get the update now with AT&T and Verizon pending release.

I updated the T-Mobile version yesterday morning and am enjoying the improvements. The obvious changes include:

  • New lockscreen notifications
  • New card style task switcher
  • New Lollipop style notification and quick controls shade
  • Other enhancements and bug fixes

If you prefer the previous 'grid view' HTC task switcher you can change the settings in the task switcher. I personally find the card style faster to flip through and like seeing more open apps at once.


The HTC One M8 was already one of the most responsive Android phones available and this responsiveness continues with the Lollipop update. I had no issues with the update and everything continues to work like a champ.

Last year HTC stated they would try to deliver these major updates within 90 days of Google's release. They were within a couple of days for the unlocked and developer edition. Carrier variants are out of its hands as US wireless carriers control the schedule for releases. I'm not sure how Apple gets to seemingly bypass carrier delays, but wish Android makers had this power as well.

While HTC didn't hit 90 days with these carrier versions, they beat Sony, LG, and Samsung. The HTC One M8 is a one year old device as well. HTC is also releasing Lollipop for the nearly two year old HTC One M7. With HTC delivering on their update promise I am much more inclined to choose them knowing that the device I buy will get updated for a couple years.