HTC should use Galaxy S4 delays to market HTC One

HTC's One is now available online and in retail stores, while the new Galaxy S4 won't be coming to most US carriers until May. HTC needs to get the word out now and massively promote the One before the S4 overshadows it.

It was pretty major news when HTC had to delay the HTC One launch due to component shortages, and people predicted that Samsung would step in with the new Galaxy S IV and take the Android world by storm. According to Samsung and various US carriers, the Galaxy S4 is experiencing inventory issues, and won't be coming to most carriers until sometime in May.

AT&T may be the first with the Galaxy S4, possibly having it in stores on April 27. Sprint doesn't have a retail store availability date, but it will be taking online and phone orders this weekend. T-Mobile tweeted that it won't get the device into select stores until May 8, with all stores getting the handset on May 15. Verizon trails everyone with an in-store release of May 30.

The HTC One is available now at AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint stores, and is actually priced less than the upcoming Galaxy S4. Galaxy S4 reviewers have stated that it is a great device, but the HTC One design can't be beaten and it is definitely an available Android device to consider.

Given the bad news that seems to plague HTC lately, the delay of the Galaxy S4 may be the small break it needs to promote the HTC One. Now is the time for it to hit the airwaves with a massive advertising campaign and get the word out before the GS4 can be found in stores.