HTC shutting down Sense online backup and phone location

HTC is shutting down online backup services for Android customers.

Owners of HTC Sense phones have started receiving an email notification from the company that raises some questions about what is going on with HTC. HTC Sense is the interface/skin on Android phones that HTC has coupled with online backup and sync capabilities. According to the emails going out HTC, in anticipation of a "renovation to improve the services and value we deliver to customers", is shutting down the online backup and syncing of customer data.

This is short notice for a situation like this, and it seems a bit odd that HTC would shut down this customer service simply to replace it with something better. The statement in the notice that customers should look in Google Play for other options to replace "phone location or backup services" makes it seem HTC is actually stopping this online service completely.

HTC has been dropping in market share for a while and this doesn't look good in the face of that.