HTC tablets are not actively being sold and there are no plans to jump in at this time

HTC had a couple nice tablets, but they were always priced too high and were poorly supported and marketed. They confirmed they are no longer selling tablets in the US, but one is left wondering if they ever really were.

HTC confirms what we already knew; they can't compete in the tablet market

At the end of August we heard about rumors of a possible new HTC tablet , but according to statements made to FierceWireless by HTC global online communications manager Jeff Gordon, HTC is done selling tablets in the US for now and will keep an eye on the market for future opportunities. HTC's tablets were never great successes in the US and I doubt many people even knew they were selling tablets in the US in the first place. They were horribly supported with lack of OS updates and it appeared that they were owned primarily by HTC fans and enthusiasts willing to work with custom ROMs.

I was a fan of the HTC Flyer and still have it as a backup to my Google Nexus 7. HTC made high quality tablets in the Flyer/View and Jetstream, but they were quite expensive and there is no way they could compete with the low cost 7 inch tablets and popularity of the Apple iPad. I was holding out hope they would come out with a compelling tablet product, but completely understand given the current state of the market. Hopefully we will see something from them in the future, but it is going to have to be compelling to compete. 

It seems that the statements made by Jeff Gordon to FierceWireless may have been taken a bit out of context so HTC offered the folllowing:

HTC is pleased with the results of our first foray into tablets—the HTC Flyer, EVO View 4G, and HTC Jetstream—and like any products in the mobile space that were release some time ago, our tablets have run through their planned lifecycles. We’re continuing to watch the tablet market very, very closely for the right opportunity to re-enter in a way in which we’re not just offering a “me too” tablet, but a product that’s compelling, differentiated, and inspiring to our customers.

I agree that it is not news that HTC isn't selling tablets since we haven't seen any in stores for quite some time. It is interesting that they are not competing with other manufacturers at a time when even Apple is going to likely launch a 7 or 8 inch iPad.

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