HTC teams up with Dropbox to give its Android phone owners 5GB of free storage

In a move sure to please potential customers, HTC and Dropbox want to give new HTC Android phone owners 5GB of free storage.

If you needed further reason to plunk down cash on phones like HTC's recently-announced Rhyme, HTC and Dropbox want to give it to you. The two companies are teaming up to give owners of HTC's Android phones a free 3GB of storage. Coupled with the 2GB that Dropbox already gifts its new users, and you have a solid 5GB to play with.

The only catch is that the deal only affects phones running Sense 3.5, which are so far limited to HTC's purple and female-focused Rhyme. Of course, that limitation is certain to abate a bit as HTC announces more and more new Sense 3.5-equipped phones. It's also possible that HTC will give owners of its older phones the bump to both Sense 3.5 and the DropBox deal, but the company hasn't confirmed anything quite yet.