HTC to launch two Windows Phone 7 phones September 1

HTC is holding a press event on September 1 where it is expected to launch two phones running Windows Phone 7 Mango.

HTC is hedging its bets in the smartphone platform wars and is expected to announce two handsets running Windows Phone 7 Mango soon. The big Android phone maker is throwing a press event in London on September 1 and according to BGR will launch the HTC Eternity and Omega, both running Mango.

The Omega is a 4.5-inch big phone destined for the T-Mobile network, and the Eternity is going to AT&T and sports a more common 3.7-inch display. There is not a lot of other information about these two new phones, other than they will ship with Mango. The HTC event was announced on the company's UK Facebook page, and reservations are recommended.

The September 1 date makes sense for the HTC event as Microsoft is rumored to officially launch Mango on that date. Mango has been in testing for some time, and I am hearing good things about the latest builds of the OS. This official release will be one to watch, as Windows Phone 7 becomes a solid competitor in the smartphone space.