HTC UH OH Protection offers replacement for damage or carrier switching, $100 if you are careful

HTC will soon be launching the HTC One M9 and US customers will be eligible for worry-free protection for the first 12 months. There is even a benefit if you don't break your phone.

Last year HTC launched its HTC Advantage program that provided a one-time screen replacement, a commitment to timely software upgrades, and free Google Drive storage.

The program was great if you broke your display within the first six months, but if you were a careful owner there wasn't much benefit for HTC customers. That changes today with the new HTC UH OH Protection that offers one of four possible options for HTC One M9 buyers.

The new HTC One M9, check out my first impressions, should be launching soon and when it does US customers will be able eligible for these benefits in the new HTC UH OH Protection program.

You will receive a replacement HTC M9, new or certified new, if one of the following three things happens during your first 12 months of ownership:

  • Cracked screen
  • Water damage
  • If you switch carriers and need another model HTC M9

You will receive an HTC M9 in the same color and internal storage configuration.

Most of us do not break or damage our phones or switch carriers very often. Thankfully, HTC's new UH OH Protection program has one benefit for careful smartphone owners. If you do not use one of the three replacement options, then you will be offered $100 off a future HTC One purchase.

HTC Americas president Jason Mackenzie stated:

With the HTC One M9, we didn't stop with creating an award-winning smartphone and amazing user experiences. We created an innovative new program that ensures the best phone on the market stays that way. We want our customers to have the confidence to use their new HTC One and the peace of mind that HTC has your back if something unfortunate happens to it.

Given that so many devices today have reached near parity when it comes to functionality and performance, it's great to see HTC stepping up to the plate with customer care solutions that make the purchase decision a bit easier.

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