HTC's 2014 plan for success includes a wearable device, updated One, and renewed marketing

HTC has had a tough couple of years and 2014 will be a defining year for them. HTC chairwoman Cher Wang recently shared some of their plans to turn things around in 2014.

HTC 2014 plan for success includes a wearable device, updated One, and renewed marketing
Image: HTC

I just wrote about my year with the HTC One and expressed my disappointment in continued financial problems for HTC. According to Bloomberg, statements made by HTC chairwoman Cher Wang indicate HTC's plan for turning things around include a wearable device, updated One model, and a renewed focus on marketing.

Wearable device

Ms. Wang stated that their wearable device would be available in time for the winter 2014 holiday season so there are plenty of ways the market could change before we see their device. We don't know if it will be a watch, activity tracker, smartphone companion, are even a set of HTC glasses.

HTC makes some fantastic hardware and I am excited to see what they can do in the wearable space. I know at previous HTC Frequencies events we talked with them about wearable technology so they have been thinking about this for years. I am not too worried about the hardware, but it's the ecosystem that will be important.

HTC could, and probably should, use existing activity ecosystems if they are launching an activity tracker. They could collect data and work with the rather open Fitbit or Jawbone UP systems and s a user of both I would love to see that. I don't think it will help to lock people into an HTC-only ecosystem.

Updated HTC One

It comes as no surprise that there will be an updated HTC One, with leaks and rumors heating up this week. There is talk that we could see this announced a early as this month. As you know I love the HTC One and can't wait to see the next iteration.

Renewed marketing efforts

HTC signed up Robert Downey Jr. for a ton of money to be a part of a rather strange Here's To Change campaign. I think many had fun coming up with ways to use the letters HTC, but we didn't see much success in selling HTC Ones and showing off HTC's innovations.

Apple and Samsung have powerful marketing teams and demonstrate success in the smartphone space. Hopefully HTC can come up with a plan to at least get people talking about them again, but there is additional competition from companies like Nokia, LG, Google, and others.

Ms. Wang also made a clear statement about the possibility of an HTC buyout, stating, "“I haven’t been approached. I think they didn’t approach me because I think they know me and they know I am not going to sell.”

Given such a strong statement it looks like the fate of HTC is up to HTC alone and 2014 will be a pivotal year for the company. With the possibility that Apple may enter the wearable market, they will have an updated iPhone, and a marketing machine that can't be touched it is definitely going to a steep hill to climb for HTC. Do you think these three strategies will change things around for HTC?

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