Huawei files suit to block Motorola wireless network sale

The network equipment provider is looking to block Nokia Siemens' buy of Motorola's wireless network business, claiming violation of the company's intellectual property

Huawei Technologies on Monday filed a lawsuit to stop the sale of Motorola's wireless network unit to Nokia Siemens.

The China-based network equipment provider said Nokia Siemens' $1.2bn (£754m) purchase of Motorola's wireless network business was an illegal transfer of Huawei's intellectual property.

The problem is that the Motorola sale to Nokia Siemens paved the way for the company's breakup. Motorola shareholders walked away with ownership in two companies: Motorola Mobility and Motorola Solutions.

In a statement, Huawei said it had a partnership with Motorola since 2000 to cover radio access and core network equipment. Motorola resold Huawei wireless gear under its brand. Huawei said Motorola had access to "confidential Huawei IP developed by Huawei's team of more than 10,000 engineers".

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