Huawei launches next-gen anti-DDoS appliance

Huawei plans to use channel programs and third party testing to garner trust among U.S. enterprise customers.

Huawei plans to open up more of its security products and could ultimately routers and switches up to third party testing as it aims to gain traction in the U.S. market.

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According to Huawei executives, the third party testing strategy is a way to earn trust. Security related products will be the ones to get third party evaluations first, said Ian Foo, director of product marketing at Huawei USA. Huawei is just wrapping up testing of its data center security platform with NSS Labs.

Huawei: We're not leaving US market

The company on Monday launched its next-generation anti -distributed denial of service attack appliance at the RSA conference in San Francisco. The product is used in Asia and China carriers.

Huawei's AntiDDoS8000 Series has 1Tbps performance and protects the application layer as well. The appliance is designed for carriers, data centers, large enterprises and e-commerce providers. Alibaba is the largest reference customer.

Contrary to previous reports that Huawei will punt on the U.S. market, Jane Li, chief operating officer of Huawei Enterprise U.S.A. Li said that Huawei has no plans to leave the U.S. and is building out its channel programs and "seeing a lot of momentum in the business."

Li wouldn't quantify that momentum, but the main point is that Huawei, with help from the channel, is going to make a go of the U.S.