Huawei: Make biz agile in cloud era

Chinese telecoms maker collaborates with Intel and launches cloud computing device and high-end storage products at the Huawei Cloud Congress 2012 in Shanghai. The company also remains optimistic of the U.S. market.

Mobile Cloud Computing Center inside a 40ft container (Credit: Liu Jiayi)

Chinese telecoms maker Huawei signed a memorandum of understanding with Intel, marking its resolution to provide state-of-the-art IT offerings to the market.

The collaboration would enhance engineering cooperation, provide server, storage, data center, and cloud computing products, synchronize future strategies, and shorten product development cycles, according to Ian Yang, Intel's corporate vice president and China president.

"Huawei is a global leader in IT innovation and rapid growth, as the leader in computing, Intel considers the cooperation with Huawei as an important strategic milestone," said president Yang. "Our joint efforts would build advanced platforms for servers, storage systems, data center, and most importantly, cloud computing devices."

Ian Yang, Intel's corporate vice president and China president (Credit: Liu Jiayi)

"After 10 years of collaboration with Intel, Huawei understands the shared corporate value between the two companies: technology innovation," said Zheng Yelai, president of Huawei's IT product line. "Huawei has a lot of experience in communication technology and software-hardware integration. We will continue to let the demand for software lead the development of hardware, and provide our clients with reliable IT solutions."

Huawei's latest Tecal V2 server, which was launched in July, was based on Intel's Xeon E7 and E5 processors.

Cloud: FusionCube
Huawei also launched FusionCube Converged Infrastructure and three storage products during the congress.

FusionCube (Credit: Liu Jiayi)

The FusionCube featured with integrating software such as virtualization, cloud management, and distributed storage engine, and hardware such as servers, storage devices, and network devices.

The core concept was based on fusion, according to Ren Zhipeng, vice president of the company's cloud product line. FusionCube provides an all-in-one management system, reduces expenditures like IT installation and maintenance, and optimizes the cloud platform conveniently and efficiently.

"FusionCube bases on cloud computing and it integrates computing, storage, and networking in a single device,"said Ren in a presentation. "Huawei is the first in the industry to provide this kind of solution."

Big data: High-end storage products
After breaking SPEC SFS' records with its popular storage models, Huawei provides enterprises with more choices: OceanStor HVS, Universal Distributed Storage System, and MVX Big Data Storage Solution. 

According to Fan Ruiqi, president of the Huawei's IT storage line, OceanStor HVS met the highest industry standards and featured with Smart Matrix Architecture which emphasized on reliability, efficiency, and flexibility.

Fan Ruiqi, president of the Huawei's IT storage line, presenting OceanStor HVS (Credit: Liu Jiayi)

"HVS is the best on the market," said Fan. "It would break the SPEC's records very soon." Over 100,000 pieces of HVS's old model--the T series storage--were sold around the world, he said. "Until now, we received zero complaint and the T series have been running flawlessly for over 600 days," he added.

In an interview with ZDNet, Jawee Sun, marketing director of Huawei, said as a traditional telecom technology company, this event was the first in the company's history and showcased the company's core competitiveness.

"Huawei is the only company in the world that can cover the entire terminal, networking, and the cloud," said Sun. "With over 65,000 staff and 10 percent of annual income, R&D is the vitality of this company and driving force behind innovation."

Although Huawei was still under the U.S. government's investigation over possible spy charges , Sun remained very optimistic: "I don't worry about the North American market at all."

Jawee Sun, Huawei's marketing director (Credit: Liu Jiayi)

"Huawei recently nailed a $6 million contract with an American client, but you know I can't tell you who it was," Sun laughed. "It is true the government has a tight grip over America's big carriers, but the enterprise market in the U.S. is huge and keeps open for Huawei . It is a win-win situation."