Huawei offers BYOD tech for the enterprise

Huawei has unveiled a BYOD product for the enterprise built on the AnyOffice mobile client.

Huawei has unveiled a bring your own device (BYOD) product for the enterprise market, aimed at protecting businesses' sensitive corporate data on mobile devices.

The Huawei BYOD Solution product creates a secure zone where enterprise data and personal data are isolated from each other, the company said.

The BYOD Solution has a dedicated access control gateway, which works with AnyOffice to provide unified network access control and policy enforcement in different environments, such as corporate LANs, WLANs, or remote access environments.

Huawei's BYOD product uses the AnyOffice mobile client to provide interaction interfaces between users, networks, and applications.

Huawei said enterprises can roll out the BYOD technology to mobile devices running on iOS, Android or Windows, and protect them with several authentication modes for secure user access. Features include secure sandbox technology, email client and browser, as well as mobile device management software, a virtual private network client and a virtual desktop.

The BYOD technology also gives enterprises the option to apply different policies based on different user roles, device types, locations, time periods, and areas, ensuring that access to enterprise applications can be set at various sensitivity levels.

Huawei said it has rolled out its BYOD suite to 30,000 employees, but is entering into a competitive market where the likes of  Citrix , IBM and Symantec already have products.