Huawei pledges to build on $3.4bn investment in Europe

The Chinese IT firm - which has faced suspicion in the US about its historically strong ties with China's government and military - promises to step up investment in Europe.

Chinese IT giant Huawei spent $3.4bn buying components, engineering and logistical services from Europe last year.

The firm expects it will continue to increase spending in Europe as it steps up its co-operation with companies based in the region.

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"With full confidence in the future of Europe, we will continue to invest in this region, [and] co-operate with European industry players," said Ken Hu, Huawei's deputy chairman at World Economic Forum annual meeting 2014 in Davos.

Huawei has more than 7,700 employees in Europe. In addition, Huawei has set up two R&D centres, and established six centres of expertise encompassing finance, marketing, service, and other fields.

Last year Huawei said it intends to create at least 5,500 new jobs in Europe over the next few years as it focuses on European telecoms markets. It has stepped up its focus on Europe over the US after facing suspicion about its historically strong ties with the Chinese government and military.

In October 2012 in the US, the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence published a report which said the risks associated with provisioning Huawei equipment as part of the country's critical infrastructure "could undermine core US national-security interests" — claims which are denied by the company.