Huawei responds to limited Apple Watch offer with online Huawei Watch and Nexus 6P $50 offer

The Huawei-made Nexus 6P is the best Nexus smartphone ever and if you are looking to add an Android Wear watch then you can save $50 with this special promotion.

A couple of days ago MacRumors reported that a few select Apple stores in California and Massachusetts were offering a $50 Apple Watch discount with the purchase of a new iPhone. Huawei just responded with a much better $50 discount on a Huawei Watch with the purchase of a Nexus 6P from it's online store.


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The Apple Watch offer is extremely limited in its availability and runs through November 15th. The Huawei Watch offer started yesterday and is available while supplies last. You can purchase any of the Nexus 6P capacity models, see my full review, and all but the gold Huawei Watch.

The Huawei Watch, see my review, is one of the best Android Wear devices available that even works with an iPhone. The Nexus 6P runs from $499 (32GB) to $649 (128GB) while the Huawei Watch is priced from $349.99 to $449.99, depending on the bezel and band style you purchase.

Unfortunately, this $50 Huawei Watch offer is only available through the Huawei website in the US where the Nexus 6P is not shipping until mid-December. Both the Nexus 6P and Huawei Watch are excellent devices and it may be worth the $50 savings to wait a month for the phone.