Huawei unveils cross-platform game console

Called TRON, the device supports game titles from PC, PS3, and NDS, and 4K videos. Huawei currently has 12 game titles for the console and more games will be released by May, when TRON is commercially available.

Huawei game console
(Photo credit: Tech QiQi)

Huawei has unveiled its own game console, called TRON, at the CES 2014 exhibition this week in Las Vegas, and says the device supports game titles that run on other platforms including PC, PS3, and NDS. 

According to a Tech QiQi report Wednesday, the entertainment terminal is developed on an Android-based platform and appears to be no bigger than a mug. TRON has a USB 3.0 port, aHDMI port, audio jack, RJ-45 port, and can be connected through Bluetooth to as many as four pad controllers, which each features a sizable touchpad and similar button configuration to a Microsoft Xbox's pad.

Despite its Android origin, TRON is not the base version of Nvidia's Shield. However, it opens the doors to game titles running on other platforms like PS3, PC, and NDS. All TRON-based games will be customized for Huawei and gamers can play across different platforms, noted the report.

Meanwhile, thanks to the Nvidia chip inside, TRON also supports 4K video playbacks.

Huawei said it currently offers 12 game titles for the console and the Chinese telecommunication giant promised more games would be on the shelf by May 2014, when TRON will be commercially available.


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