HubSpot gets voice automation capabilities

Relationship with voice-marketing technology developer Ifbyphone will allow small businesses to escalate inbound leads to sales reps via phone.

Developer Ifbyphone, which specializes in voice marketing automation technologies, has integrated its LeadResponder application with the HubSpot SMB marketing platform.

Here's what it means: Say someone has been poking around on your small business Web site and he or she is interested in more information. The prospect fills out a Web-based request form that  issn powered by HubSpot. Instead of being routed directly into email where it might live hours without a response, LeadResponder takes that HubSpot request and triggers a phone call to a sales representative.

Basically, the gap between the time an interested buyer asks for more information and a qualifed sales rep can answer some of his or her questions shrinks down substantially

Explaining the relationship in a company press release, HubSpot CEO and Founder Brian Halligan said:

"The introduction of applications like Ifbyphone's LeadResponder is just the beginning of how our companies will continue to enhance the marketing automation space. We recognized that voice-based marketing automation was a critical component to our offering, and we're thrilled that we can give our customers even better capabilities to manage their inbound leads."

Of course, that means your company needs someone by the phone to respond to calls, which might not always be possible for a really small business.

In any case, the LeadResponder application is now a seamlessly integrated feature within HubSpot accounts. That means interactions can be viewed from one dashboard.


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