Huddle debuts desktop app with closer ties to Microsoft Office

Built for Windows and Mac, Huddle Desktop is available immediately.

Huddle is bringing its cloud-based services to the desktop with the debut of a new app for accessing and managing corporate files.

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Dubbed Huddle Desktop, the portal promises cross-channel support while preventing version conflicts while collaborating on files stored on the system. Users can also get offline access for up to 50 files via desktop, web or mobile at a time.

Huddle Desktop also comes with significantly stronger ties to Microsoft Office apps.

Users can read, edit and save files to Huddle directly from Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Users can also archive any Outlook email and attachments to a Huddle project workspace as well as attach Huddle files to email.

"For example, if I know I'm going to be without Internet connectivity, I can quickly make a file available offline through the Desktop App, then edit it, review team comments and save from within Microsoft Word," explained Huddle CTO Stuart Cochran in Thursday's announcement." When I reconnect, Huddle Desktop will automatically manage the synchronization of the file - and my comments - back into the cloud for the rest of my team."

Built for Windows and Mac, Huddle Desktop is available immediately.

Roughly this time last year, Huddle unveiled a new secure publishing platform with a decked-out analytics dashboard aimed at these particular demographics.

Designed for collaboration among teams, the cloud-based collaboration and publishing platform is meant to be accessed by users both within and outside a designated firewall.

The Software-as-a-Service company later underwent a leadership shuffle in January, with new CEO Morten Brøgger tasked with signing on more corporate customers in new markets worldwide this year.

With additional offices in San Francisco, New York and Washington, Huddle secured itself another $51 million in venture capital funds after completing its Series D round in December.

At the time, Huddle said it planned to keep growing its geographical footprint in the United States and Europe while doubling the size of its product team.

Some of Huddle's most high-profile customers to date include Panasonic Europe, NASA, and 80 percent of central U.K. government departments.

A few months ago, the London-headquartered business boasted to be the first cloud collaboration service granted FedRAMP Authority to Operate (ATO) by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Image via Huddle