Huh? Microsoft supports Linux but snubs Xen

Microsoft announced that they would be giving away their virtualization software, and that it would support Linux, so why not support the emerging standard of open source virtualization: Xen.

I had to double-check my calendar and my remote (not that remote) thermostat in Hades to believe this one but it looks like it's really true, Microsoft will be supporting Linux running in their Virtualization software.

Illuminata's Gordon Haff was quoted in the article as saying, "What choice did (Microsoft) have?". I'll tell you what choice: How about joining just about every other operating system vendor on the XenSource project? If, as they claim, MS's virtualization will be free, then what do they care that it's open source too?

Am I the only person who would love a setup like this: One multi-core x86 box, running Linux, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Solaris 10, and MacOS X at the same time with stability and full speed available for performance analysis and benchmarking?


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