Hull firm moves into ADSL, interactive digital telly

Hull-based comms company rolls out digital telly to local residents. Lucky subscribers get Channel 5 for first time

Kingston Vision, the television subsidiary of Hull-based Kingston Communications is poised to deliver ADSL-based interactive digital TV services to local customers.

The subsidiary had been running a 60 home pilot service in the Hull and Beverley area of its interactive television services, delivered through existing telephone lines using ADSL technology. The new service to be branded Kingston Interactive Television will commence on 18th October, initially to an audience of 1,500 customers, but quickly followed by a phased rollout of 155,000 residential customers.

Kingston Group CEO said: "This is not just fast Internet, not just video-on-demand, not just digital television, but a full suite of services which is deliverable now over our existing network. We have worked with ADSL for several years and fully understand its capabilities. It is a universal technology -- there are 800 million copper telephone lines globally -- and we believe the kind of services we are offering will be adopted worldwide.

ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) giant Newbridge Networks supplied its 3dSL distribution system for the service, which combines ATM switching, ADSL and IP routing for rollout via Kingston's 14 local exchanges. Services will fly at speeds of up to 4.5Mbit/s. Element 14, a recent Pace acquisition will supply users' set-top-boxes.

What Hull residents will get

  • Up to 55 channels of digital broad, including Channel 5 -- a Hull first

  • Video-on-demand. Elmesdale's YesTV will offer access to over 1,000 hours of film entertainment

  • Fast Internet Access. ADSL provides 2Mbit/s links, and Kingston will supply its own portal and ISP services.

  • Local Link. Local information, entertainment, shopping, ecommerce and Hull Daily Mail feeds.

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