Humorous and effective ads appear for Samsung Galaxy devices

Samsung is the leader in Android smartphones and there are a couple new ads that show some compelling reasons to consider their products this holiday season.

A couple of years ago I wrote about the smartphone line experience and how for geeks like me it was a fun event. Samsung just starting showing some new ads and the one with people in line for the next iPhone is classic for those millions of us that have stood in line for iPhones over the years.

I wrote about my top 10 smartphones for 2011 and many readers stated their opinion that I was dead wrong about the Samsung Galaxy S II and that it should have been higher. That phone is actually the top vote getter in the poll too. I agree it is a great device and will do well on all carriers. The commercial below is hilarious and matches my experiences in iPhone lines. What do you think of the ad?

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is also coming soon to Verizon and I have to admit it is going to be tough for me to resist picking one up with all of the excellent specifications and the fact it runs Ice Cream Sandwich. Samsung Google released this ad below for the Galaxy Nexus too.

This Galaxy Nexus ad seems effective to me and gets away from comparing specs or scaring the heck out of you (Why would you ever want a Motorola Droid robot weapon?) and does what Apple has effectively done by showing how seamsless things just work without detailed explanations.