Hundreds riot at Foxconn's China factory

Armed workers at a Foxconn factory in China fight with counterparts from another province, resulting in dozens hospitalized and three reportedly killed, according to media reports. But the hardware manufacturer denies the deaths.
Written by Liu Jiayi, Contributor on

Armed with steel bars, batons, and machetes, over two hundred workers from China's Guizhou province chanted "beat all that are from Shandong" and swept through two dormitory buildings in Foxconn's Yantai factory in Shandong province.

The fight broke out on the night of September 19, the Mid-Autumn Festival on the lunar calendar, according to a South Metropolitan report Monday. The incident escalated on September 21 when the Guizhou workers beat passers-by who wore a factory uniform and smashed the dormitory, cafeteria, and internet cafe located in the Foxconn factory.

The riot, which reportedly led to over 27 injured workers who had to be hospitalized and dozens other minor injuries, only broke up when military police intervened and arrested more than 100 people, a majority of whom were from Guizhou. 

In a separate report by MyDrivers.com, the incident had tled to three deaths.  

However, while Foxconn acknowledged--via its official Sina Weibo account--the fights in its Shandong factory, it said only 11 sustained minor injuries and no one was severely injured, hospitalized, or killed.

Foxconn is Apple's primary iPhone manufacturing contractor

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