Hutchison signs 3G retail deal

Although the company's 3G service is yet to launch commercially, it has signed another deal with a high street retailer

Hutchison 3G UK has signed a retail agreement with Dixons Stores Group that will see handsets and contracts for its third-generation mobile phone services -- branded '3' -- sold in around 300 The Link stores.

Hutchison has already signed deals with Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4U, as well as suppliers to independent stores. Financial terms of the relationships have not been released in any of these cases.

The operator's parent company last year also bought high street chain Superdrug, which will eventually feature shops within shops, selling 3 products.

Despite a far-reaching advertising campaign the UK's newest network has yet to launch commercially. However, sneak previews of services are available on its Web site, which is also taking registrations for prospective 'founder' subscribers.

Selected Dixons outlets will also distribute the phones under the latest agreement.

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