Hybrid cloud model drives change to monitor cloud infrastructure.

Reducing the noise through analytics and automation lets you hone in on what is causing an environment to run less than optimally.

Hybrid cloud model drives change to monitor cloud infrastructure, and Zyrion is one of the leading providers of integrated Cloud and IT infrastructure monitoring software. Zyrion uses ITIL Business Service Management technology to provide “correlated, service-oriented views of the entire cloud, application and network.”

A correlated view is something that Vikas Aggarwal, CEO of Zyrion. defines as a services view of the components that make up the hybrid cloud environment. Effectively, a way to monitor a network that combines all of the elements (e.g., servers, storage, databases, virtual machines, etc).

“It's all about providing a service-oriented view of your infrastructure,” says Aggarwal, and to be able to define, and to triangulate in on the most important components in that view. Reducing the noise through analytics and automation lets you hone in on what is causing an environment to run less than optimally.  

The ability to automate a large part of the deployment and operations using Traverse v5.5 and the analytical module to reduce false alarms by tracking behavior patterns received high validation from existing and new customers looking for ways to reduce their operational costs. Zyrion also announced the multi-tenant Netflow module for Managed Service providers which reduces the mean time to resolution for service outages.

Zyrion offers a scalable monitoring solution for distributed and complex data center environments. and is used by large enterprises and service providers  -  offered to managed service providers who then bundle it as part of their cloud offering to their clients.

According to Vikas Aggarwal, 2012 proved to be a terrific year of growth and success for the company. The company has had a highly profitable stream of new and recurring revenue from Managed Service providers and subscription customers, and is poised for very strong growth in 2013.

Their success is evident by the client list, which may be found on the company website.

“As 2012 closed, Zyrion recorded consistent growth in the number of new customers we serve, as well as the significant expansions of solution implementations among our existing customers,” said Aggarwal. “All areas of our business experienced strong growth, however, our diligent focus on the Managed Service Provider industry yielded a 200 percent growth in this service provider segment”.

Zyrion has been receiving some very good press from both clients and folks like the Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), according to Aggarwal. EMA named Zyrion an industry leader in multiple reports including their Enterprise NMS and their Application Management reports.

“Our evaluation is based on several key criteria that are critical to the needs of enterprises, including deployment and administration, cost advantage, architecture and integration as well as functionality and vendor strength,” said Dennis Drogseth, Vice President, EMA. “We do a thorough evaluation of numerous network management software vendors and their offerings, and Zyrion stands out with their strong focus on IT Service monitoring.”

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