Hybrid tablet, laptop market to remain limited, says IDC

The convertible device market that is expected to carry the PC market will remain flat in terms of market share through 2018, according to IDC.

Inexpensive smart connected devices are expected to dominate shipments through 2018 and hybrid tablet-laptop convertibles will remain stagnant, according to IDC data.

Overall, smart connected device shipments are expected to approach 1.8 million, according to IDC. Smartphone growth will lead, but IDC cut its estimates for 2-in-1 devices based on a weak first quarter. IDC projects 2.4 million smart connected devices will ship by 2018.

IDC argued that mobile-first approaches are dominating computing and it's hard to argue with that point. What IDC's data tells me is that the PC industry is betting on the wrong horse with the concept of laptop and tablet hybrids. Nevertheless, tools like Microsoft's Surface keep launching. There is a market for those hybrid devices and I'm often intrigued. However, that market isn't going to lead to a lot of growth.

This chart tells the tale as smartphone shipments trump PC shipments 6 to 1 in 2018.

idc connected 1

The other big takeaway is that emerging markets such as China, India and Brazil will dominate growth going forward. As a result, IDC said that we are entering the world of $200 and less devices.

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