IaaS, PaaS becoming Asia's norm, ZDNet survey reveals

Two-third of organizations in Asia use some form of cloud--whether private, hybrid or public. Some 40 percent currently use infrastructure-as-a-service, 39 percent tap platform-as-a-service, reveals ZDNet study.

Two-third of organizations in Asia use some form of cloud--whether private, hybrid or public--where 40 percent currently use infrastructure-as-a-service and 39 percent tap platform-as-a-service.

According to ZDNet's Cloud Priorities study, while on-premise private cloud is the most widely deployed flavour of cloud, almost one-half of Asian businesses use a variant of public cloud (i.e. IaaS, PaaS or SaaS). As the research report states: "For IT leaders and their businesses the availability and maturing of IaaS/PaaS services presents an opportunity and a competitive threat... The business agility and cost advantages reaped by cloud users will force many non-users to join them, or face the consequences of competing at a disadvantage." 

IaaS PaaS becoming the norm Chart 1
Chart 1: Use of any form of cloud computing

IaaS is used consistently or periodically by 40 per cent of Asian organisations, and is more widely deployed in the Philippines (28 percent reporting they use such services consistently) than other Asian economies. Usage of IaaS (consistently) in other countries ranges from 15 percent in Malaysia to 18 percent in Indonesia. In Singapore, 26 percent of organizations use IaaS periodically, as a way to dial up and down the IaaS resources as a supplement to their on-premise ICT resources.

IaaS PaaS becoming the norm Chart 2
Chart 2: Use of IaaS by Asian countries

IaaS/PaaS usage going north in 2014

The growth will come from new adoption by "first-timers" and from existing IaaS users extending it to other use-cases and services.

Some 21 percent of organizations will deploy IaaS for the first time in 2014, and 19 percent will do so with PaaS. Another 22 percent and 23 percent, respectively, of those already using these services will increase their existing usage.  Respondents also report a similarly planned growth in the use of Software-as-a-service (SaaS).

IaaS PaaS becoming the norm Chart 3
Chart 3: Cloud usage plans for 2014 (all organizations including users and non-users)

Cloud scepticism declining

Those that already use IaaS and/or PaaS are bullish about increasing their use of these services. The research shows 52 percent of existing IaaS users and 49 percent of PaaS users will extend deployments in 2014, driven by high levels of user satisfaction (61 percent of IaaS/PaaS users are satisfied or very satisfied). While there are still cloud sceptics out there, they are a rapidly diminishing force.

The bottom line?

Asian businesses, like those in most other economies, have bought into public cloud. The business objectives driving this include a desire for more agile business models, increased speed of deployment, and cost benefits. For many businesses, cloud's benefits are a no-brainer.  

Of course, there are businesses and industry sectors--think financial services, government, and healthcare--where regulations limit the scope for utilizing cloud, but even those can benefit from use-cases like software development and testing or content delivery.  

If your business isn't already using IaaS or PaaS, you should be thinking about it. Start with non-mission-critical use cases to build familiarity, confidence and in-house skills. Just make sure to start, or risk trailing behind the competitors that are already moving forward with public cloud.

More about ZDNet Cloud Priorities 2013/14

ZDNet Asia's Cloud Priorities survey, based on a sample of 512 organisations, charts the growth in cloud usage in the Asia region.  ZDNet will report further highlights from the IaaS/PaaS section of the research over the next two weeks.  Stay tuned for more IaaS/PaaS insights covering: IaaS/PaaS budgets, most common IaaS/PaaS use-cases, most important IaaS/PaaS use-case, business objectives for moving to IaaS/PaaS, satisfaction levels with IaaS/PaaS

For a free download of the ZDNet IaaS/PaaS survey findings, click here.


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