IBM adds disaster recovery services to SoftLayer

IBM beefs up SoftLayer's disaster recovery services and infrastructure. The company also said Novitex inked a $10 million SoftLayer deal.

IBM on Monday outlined a set of business continuity and disaster recovery services for its SoftLayer cloud customers.

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Big Blue has had managed disaster recovery services for years, but is now looking to extend them to its infrastructure as a service customers on SoftLayer.

The company added that it will open two disaster recovery centers in Raleigh, N.C. and Mumbai, India. Those facilities will join SoftLayer's 15 planned locations and 150 resiliency centers.

At first, SoftLayer customers will get access to IBM's cloud Virtualized Server Recovery service, which automates disaster recovery for key applications and data. SoftLayer customers will be able to replicate system files, database and applications along with user data.

Consulting services will also be available to SoftLayer customers. The services revolve around integrating on-premise information technology assets with cloud computing.

Separately, IBM said Novitex, a document management company, inked a $10 million deal to run its infrastructure and security operations on SoftLayer.