​IBM adds to cloud footprint, inks deal with Equinix

IBM puts SoftLayer on the Equinix Cloud Exchange in a move that will make it a better option for hybrid cloud deployments.

IBM and Equinix on Wednesday rolled out plans to put Big Blue's SoftLayer on the Equinix Cloud Exchange, which gives enterprises a direct connection from hosted data centers to public cloud services.

Equinix has become a key link for hybrid cloud deployments and provides direct interconnects to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google's Cloud Platform.

For IBM, the Equinix partnership allows it to put SoftLayer in nine markets across the Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe. Those nine markets also have access to those aforementioned public cloud services. With the pact, SoftLayer will become a key option on the Equinix exchange.

Separately, IBM said the Equinix deal gives it 12 new cloud data centers to bring its footprint to 40. The nine data centers in the Equinix deal will complement Big Blue locations in Frankfurt, Mexico City and Tokyo


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