IBM: Bluemix adding 8,000 users a week

IBM added new services to Bluemix and said the platform is the largest Cloud Foundry deployment.

IBM on Monday said that it is adding 8,000 new users a week to its Bluemix platform as a service.

Bluemix, a linchpin in IBM's public cloud efforts, is among the largest Cloud Foundry deployments in the world. IBM said it will add a series of services to make it easier to deploy cloud applications for analytics, supply chain and Internet of things.

According to IBM, Bluemix has more than 100 services available.

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New services rolled out Monday include:

  • Bluemix API Management makes it easier to deploy and share large scale application programming interfaces.
  • Modular features for IBM's MobileFirst Platform to build location-based apps.
  • Public availability of .NET Runtime and open sourcing of .Net Buildpack. The tools allow Cloud Foundry environments to connect and leverage Microsoft's development features.
  • Other third party services for Bluemix were launched by Cupenya Insights,, Reappt and

A Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) survey found that Bluemix was the second most used platform among developers.