IBM challenges Intel for space on SAP HANA

IBM released new server configurations that give enterprise HANA users more choice when it comes to choosing server architecture for the in-memory database.


IBM is stepping up its efforts with SAP HANA, announcing Monday a new set of Power Systems server configurations designed to streamline the deployment process of SAP's in-memory database.

According to Doug Balog, GM of IBM Power Systems, the configurations benefit both sides of the IBM/SAP coin. For IBM's clients, the configurations will help them expand their footprint within business warehouses.

For SAP, the offering adds a new level of choice for clients running HANA. Up to this point, HANA has traditionally run on Intel architecture, but IBM hopes to change that.

"We want to be the backbone for their infrastructure going forward," Balog said.

The preconfigured systems, which include processors, memory and storage, come in two sizes. The smaller of the two is based on the IBM Power Systems S824 with 24 POWER8 processor cores and up to 1TB of memory. The larger is based on IBM Power Systems E870 with 40 POWER8 cores and up to 2TB of memory.

Looking at the bigger picture, the configurations can be seen as part of IBM's transformation plans aimed at bringing clients higher value, Linux-based processing capabilities.

Specifically with SAP, the new release is an extension of a client testing period announced nearly a year ago, which sought to iron out any integration kinks in order to make HANA consumption easier for enterprise clients.

SAP kicks off its Sapphire conference this week in Orlando, Florida.

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